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YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSIONTranceformers - pres. by Chromosome101:15:46
Yat - Khatuva.rock1454:8
Yellow Magic OrchestraTWINS SUPER BEST OF YMO (Disc2)181:15:37
Yellow Magic OrchestraTwins, Super Best Of (disc1)181:15:6
Yan NgTwo Little826:36
Yvetta Simonova & Milan ChladilTy jsi má láska2057:4
Ying Yang TwinsU.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta)231:17:2
Yellow Magic OrchestraUC YMO (DISC 1)161:1:29
Yellow Magic OrchestraUC YMO (DISC 2)181:15:25
Yuko MiyamuraUguisu jyo626:21
YesUltimaye Yes520:8
YM:StammenUlv! Ulv!1151:13
YesteryearUnder The Rug1639:11
Y&TUnearthed II181:14:5
YesUnion Complete Review'91 Denver 9th May (Disk 2)101:19:42
YATHKHATundra's Ghosts141:3:56
Yellow SnowTuesday Night Madre1441:29
Yngwie MalmsteenTransonic Magic111:12:33
YorinTravel Lounge161:13:22
Yothu YindiTreaty420:27
Yothu YindiTreaty - The Filthy Lucre Remix318:30
YelloTremendous Pain638:24
YelloTremendous Pain (CD Single)533:55
Yellow FeverTremolina1238:57
Yngwie MalmsteenTrial By Fire: Live In Leningrad111:6:36
Yoko MizumotoTRIBARHYTHM521:7
Yellow Brick RoadTribute to Pink Floyd161:6:26
Yellow Brick RoadTribute to Rush141:18:23
yes, mama OK?tribute to yes, mama ok?181:8
Yngwie I. MalmsteenTrilogy + Rising Force171:19:48
Young GodsTruce Diaries2654:4
Yello PageTruth hits every body1445:5
YesUnion Complete Review'91 Denver 9th May Disc 1101:15:29
YesUnion Tour Disc 1758:36
Young, NeilViglione Boarding House Comp. 1978 - Disc 21146:38
Yerba BravaVivo!!!1538:23
y'z factoryVOICE FACTORY131:3:56
Youth ChoirVoices in Shadows1037:14
Yesterday Oh I Forgotvoices told us to1352:11
Yellow PillsVolume 2 - More of the Best of American Pop!211:13:51
YLOVolume 46121:6:56
YetiVolume Obliteration Transcendence453:13
Yvon KreveVon Von le Vet1344:10
YleisradioVuonna 1949 - äänikuvia ja kerrontaa tapahtumista...154:13
Ying Yang TwinsWait (The Whisper Song) Remix518:39
Young AntiquesWardrobe For a Jet Weekend1130:57
Yuria YatoWatashi no Shoumei1251:38
YAKUZAWay Of The Dead81:10:45
Yandim BandVasen1147:33
Yall So StupidVan Full Of Pakistans*221:5:14
Ying Yang Twins (by Flea)United State Of Atlanta231:17:1
Yesuniversal amphitheatre 9-19-2004 disc one of two759:52
Yesuniversal amphitheatre 9-19-2004 disc two of two81:17:29
Young EruptUnleash My Passion1854:30
Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderso...Unnoticeable In A Tiny Town, Invisible In The City643:49
YesUnplugged, (Live, Paris 1998-03-07)618:3
You ShriekUnreal Cities1154:27
Young, NeilUnreleased - Unplugged171:9:15
Yvonne CatterfeldUnterwegs Bonus-CD416:18
Yo Miles!Upriver (CD 2)81:19:50
Yo La TengoUpside-Down EP534:29
Yannik NoahUrban Tribu1154:38
Youth Groupurban&eastern1351:2
YesUSA Live 198891:7:34
Yum Yum Childrenused to would've1137:48
YounglandWe Are United Again1232:54
Yo La TengoThe Sounds of the Sounds of Science81:17:14
YesThe Word Is Live CD181:15:44
YardbirdsThe Yardbirds CD31555:12
YesThe Yes Album641:46
YesThe Yes Album (& bonus tracks)952:29
YesThe Yes Album / Going For The One111:19:48
YesThe Yes Album [Expanded & Remastered]952:10
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Yngwie Malmsteen Collection141:13:44
Yelvington, MalcolmThere's A Little Life Left In This Old Boy Yet171:4:51
YetiThings to Come...447:6
Your Divine TragedyThis Island Caught Fire121:4:35
Young Fresh FellowsThis One's for the Ladies1541:3
YungstarThrowed Yung Playa151:13:55
YukmouthThug Lord: The New Testament161:10:10
Ying Yang TwinsThug Walkin'1258:26
YelloTied Up - Single317:51
YesTime And a Word839:52
YesThe Word Is Live (Disc 3)91:14:39
YesThe Word Is Live (Disc 2)91:19:39
YesThe White Album Amsterdam Concert Hall 197261:3614
You Am IThe Temperance Union831:31
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Tivoli Helsingborg 17-06-00 Disc 1543:24
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Tivoli Helsingborg 17-06-00 Disc 2121:5:50
YesThe Ultimate Yes (Disc 2)131:15:26
YesThe Ultimate Yes - 35th Anniversary - CD181:18:59
YesThe Ultimate Yes - Disc 1111:19:31
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