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UltravoxThe Very Best Of Midge Ure and Ultravox191:19:7
UndertonesThe Very Best of the Undertones251:6:22
UnificsThe Very Best of the Unifics1756:54
U96The Very Best Of U96141:7:38
UFOThe Wild, The Willing And The Innocent (Remastered)941:5
UFOThe Wild, The Willing And The Innocent/Mechanix181:17:8
Uncle WigglyThere Was An Elk241:13:19
UnderoathThey're Only Chasing Safety1452:13
UndyingThis Day All Gods Die621:32
understatementsThis Is Communication824:24
Ultimate FakebookThis Will Be Laughing Week1441:7
Unto ElevenThose Waiting1143:3
UltravoxThree Into One1039:31
Uncle John & WhitelockThere Is Nothing Else...201:5:36
UnorthodoxTheory of Four927:45
Uriah HeepTheir Hits151:7:4
UnbunnyThe Willis Files1431:43
U2The Working Tapes121:11:43
U CAN'T SAY NO!the world shoWARIII810:2
Us Forretas OcultosThe Worst of the Best1542:1
UFOThe X Factor - Out There And Back [CD 1]121:7:47
UFOThe X Factor - Out There And Back [CD 2]141:16:9
UsThe Young and Restless1455:34
Undeclinable AmbuscadeTheir Greatest Adventures1432:2
UsurperThreshold of the Usurper534:57
U2The songs are in your eyes161:11:34
Unique 3The Theme (MaxiCD)320:27
Undercover S.K.A.The Things Men Do1342:9
Untold Dreamthe third phase523:40
Unearthly TranceThe Trident945:46
U2The U Files rare Remix & live161:12:40
U2The U files-rare, remix & live141:13:5
U2The Ultimate "7" & "12" Collection Part V141:10:4
U2The Ultimate 7" & 12" Collection - 1979 - 1987201:11:47
Uutske BuutskeThe The Interpretations832:5
UndermindedThe Task of the Modern Educator622:18
URBEATZThe Takeover Mixtape Vol. 3241:19:15
ultraSHOCKThe Sound of E314:9
U.S.U.R.A.The Spaceman529:25
ULTRAVOICEThe Star Alliance91:7:15
UnearthThe Stings Of Conscience1040:28
UncurbedThe strike of mankind1629:35
UnforsceneThe Sulston Connection (EP)637:35
Un-SheepThe Sun Tires Me614:31
Ugly BeautyThe Sweetness1138:40
U2The Ultimate 7" & 12" Collection Part X151:12:43
U2The Ultimate 7' & 12' Collection CD3141:13:56
U2The Unforgettable Fire & Wide Awake In America141:3:27
U2The Unforgettable Fire (Maxisingle)522:53
U2The Unforgettable Fire Mini LP521:17
U2The unforgettable fire, War, October151:5:1
U2The Unforgettable Night (Disc 2)1053:44
U2The Unforgettable Tribute1141:30
Univeria ZektThe Unnamables733:50
U2The Unreleased Tracks 1983-1992191:14:57
U-MeltThe Unbelievable Meltdown101:12:35
ultronzthe ultonz files disc 1181:10:15
Ultimix RecordsThe Ultimix Medley Collection - Volume 351:3645
U2The Ultimate 7' & 12'' Collection Part VIII1158:42
U2The ultimate 7'' & 12'' collection181:14:12
UnityThe Ultimate Encore151:8:26
U2The Ultimate Unplugged Collection241:13:10
U2The Ultimate _7_ & _12_ Collection Part IV141:12:23
U2The Ultimate _7_ & _12_ Collection Part VI141:8:12
U2The Ultimate _7_ & _12_ Collection Part VII171:13:28
Ultimix RecordsThe Ultimix Medley Collection - Volume 3 (Disc 2)51:7:31
UpinatemThe Untimely Demise of a Once Well-Read Nation2231:55
Upstart CrowThe Greatest Hits (1971-1979)935:31
U2The Best Of 1980-1990+141:6:3
U2The Best of 1990-2000 (B-Sides)141:13:12
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (CD 1)161:8:29
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (CD 2)141:17:23
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (cd1)161:12:26
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (CD2)141:14:46
U2The best of 1990-2000 (disk 1)171:16:58
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (Special Edition)171:16:29
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (The B-Sides)141:14:35
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 (2Cd`s)161:12:25
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 & The B-Sides (Disc 2)141:13:53
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 & B-Sides CD 2141:14:19
U2The Best Of 1990 - 2000 (Cd 2)141:11:48
U2The Best of 1990 - 2000 (CD2)131:8:33
U2The Best of 1990 - 2000 (Limited Edition)171:16:45
U2The best of 1990 - 2000 -- CD 2141:14:20
U2The Best of 1990 - 2000 Disc 1161:12:26
U2The Best of 1990 - 2002181:19:56
U2The best of 1990 - 2003181:19:38
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 & B-Sides (The Best Of)161:11:55
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 and B-Sides cd 2141:18:4
U2The Best Of 1990-2000 cd2141:11:18
U2The Best Of U2 - A tribute collection161:10:45
U2The Best Of U2 - Limited Edition151:11:36
U2The Best Of U2 1980-1990141:5:36
U2The Best of U2 1990-2000161:12:27
U2The Best of U2 by gmzNet201:19:41
UFOThe Best Of UFO161:7:47
Umbra Et ImagoThe Best of Umbra et Imago121:13:47
Uriah HeepThe Best Of Uriah Heep - CD21456:43
Urban FlavoursThe Best Of Hip Hop CD 1 of 2181:9:54
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