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Unlimited BeatThe Medleys (Volume 1) (Disc 1)71:13:57
U2The New Word - Volume 1 (1979 - 1983) - Disc 1181:17
U2The New Word - Volume 1 (1979 - 1983) - Disc 3181:16:35
U2The New Year's Concert (Disc 1)211:14:1
U2The New Year's Concert (Disc 2)151:13:31
U2The New Year's Concert (Disk 1)211:12:38
U2The New Year's Concert (Disk 2)141:12:2
Ursula 1000The Now Sound of Ursula 10001356:21
UtopiaThe Old Waldorf, San Francisco August 5, 1978 & April 2...141:2:5
UnsortedThe new school rap211:20:22
UltravoxThe New Frontier CD21045:52
Uisce BeathaThe Mystic Of The Baja1345:9
Unlimited BeatThe Medleys (Volume 1) (Disc 2)71:12:46
U2The Men Said Childhood141:13:36
U2The Men Said Childhood - Disc 2121:10:33
UFOThe Misdemeanour Tour1058:40
Urban DiscipleThe Missin' Element141:3:12
UFOThe Monkey Puzzle (UK)1146:17
underneaththe moon underwater933:26
UniverseThe Outer Void Intrepid Sailor1249:29
U2The Outside Broadcast Tour (Disc 1)151:10:46
U2The Scatter Of Light131:11:16
UnholyThe Second Ring Of Power953:41
U2The Silent Side of U2231:14:32
UndertonesThe sin of pride1758:46
Undertones, TheThe Sin Of Pride [2000 remaster]221:19:34
UK SubsThe Singles 1978-1982281:3603
Uli Jon RothThe Sky Academy - May, 27 2006 - cd 261:3:57
Uli Jon Roth & FriendsThe Sky Academy - May, 27 2006 - cd 3854:3
Umphrey's McGeeThe Riviera Theatre - NYE 2004101:13:5
U2The Ritz, New York 1982-03-17171:10:45
Understood (you)the result of passion1345:29
U2The Outside Broadcast Tour (Disc 2)131:2:34
Untold DreamThe Paradox EP521:43
U2The Party Still Goes On - Live Gothenburg (CD1)151:13:38
U2The party´s here201:18:12
Unsung ZerosThe People Mover1439:59
U2The Real Thing (CD 2)952:50
U2The Reconstructed Joshua Tree181:18:16
U2The rest of remixes 1990-2000742:8
Uli Jon Roth & FriendsThe Sky Academy - May, 27 2006 - cd 4759:2
U2The Greatest Hits DISCOTHEQUE161:12:4
UltravoxThe Island Years151:2:55
Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + St...The Jangling Dischords Of Our Nation637:16
U2The Joshua Tree (Extended)181:19:52
U2The Joshua Tree (Original) CD 1941:27
U2The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum181:20:17
U2The Joshua Tree LIVE1154:30
U2The Joshua Tree On Fire(cd1)151:11:35
U2The Joshua Tree On Fire(cd2)1257:4
URBAN FUNK ORDINANCEThe Interplanetary Heroes of Funk1456:2
UmbraEThe Infamous Revelation1357:18
Urban DThe Immigrant Radio Single2052:46
U2The Ground Beneath 2000161:14:5
U2The Hague 12-02-19811552:38
U2The Hands That Built America181:16:49
United States Air Force Singing Ser...The Higher We Fly1355:5
Unlimited BeatThe Hits of George Michael323:38
UsipianThe Human Spirit Massacre426:48
U-MeltThe I's Mind81:12:41
U2The Ides of March (Reseda CA 3-15-1981)1559:5
U2The Joshua Tree [MFSL Gold Ultradisc II]1150:14
Urban Cookie CollectiveThe Key : The Secret (96)635:49
U2The Lost Broadcasts V.I211:14:52
U2The Lost Broadcasts, Vol. 2181:8:15
Under PressureThe Lot181:12:49
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday131:1:18
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday 1972, Innocent Victim 1977171:17:23
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday Party121:14:37
U2The Making Of The Achtung Baby - Vol. 2161:14:54
Unchecked AggressionThe Massacre Begins1149:13
Ulf Ekman MinistriesTHE LORD REIGNS161:9:59
UntotenThe Look Of Blasphemie & ... Veluzifer201:21:16
Uncle TupeloThe Long Cut + Five Live624:23
Urban Cookie CollectiveThe Key, The Secret 2004 CD Single634:57
Urban Cookie CollectiveThe Key, The Secret [MCD]635:36
Uriah HeepThe Lansdowne Tapes141:17:52
Uriah HeepThe Lansdowne Tapes CD2181:15:26
Upsilon AcruxThe Last Pirates of Upsilon131:10:20
Ugly DucklingThe Leftovers1141:28
Ulf ChristianssonThe Lifestyle From Above1151:40
Uncertainty PrincipleThe Litany Against Fear41:1:56
UltimatumThe Mechanics Of Perilous Times1048:50
Uphill Gardeners, TheThe Uphill Gardeners952:6
UNICORNThe Very Rust Of Unicorn CD (Rust Live) Disc1141:5:32
UnderwhelmedThe War Between Myself and Me727:21
UndercoverThe Way It Is (Maxi CD)417:32
UB40The Way You Do the Things You Do/Here I Am (Come and Ta...27:4
United Soldiers AffiliationThe Weaponz of Mass Destruction (Disc 2)191:18:21
UndyingThe Whispered Lies of Angels1334:35
Unwed SailorThe White Ox633:30
UFOThe Wild, The Wiling And The Innocent 1981 (Remaster 1...940:49
Uriah HeepThe Very Best of Uriah Heep161:10:1
UB40The Very Best of UB40 (1982-2000)11:6:56
UB 40THE VERY BEST OF UB 40201:16:33
Urge OverkillThe Urge Overkill Story1247:56
Urge OverkillThe Urge Overkill Story... Stay Tuned 1988-1991827:21
Uriah HeepThe Uriah Heep story340:46
U2The Very Best - Greatest Hits191:15:46
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