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the SlipThe Paradise - 10/2/2004655:40
The ParadeThe Parade1435:9
Trev DieselThe Parachute EP621:28
The Red KrayolaThe Parable of Arable Land & God Bless the Red Krayola ...331:19:1
TOPRADIOThe Party Station 4221:19:48
TPH Productions - Britney SpearsThe Party's Here191:11
The Calm BeforeThe Password Is EP617:42
Tom JonesThe Passion Of Tom Jones (Disc 3)1536:11
Tom JonesThe Passion Of Tom Jones (Disc 2)2457:20
Tom JonesThe Passion Of Tom Jones (Disc 1)1437:49
The Passion Of The CrapThe Passion Of The Crap2555:9
The Passing FancyThe Passing Fancy1235:49
The Passenger with Angie PepperThe Passenger with Angie Pepper827:27
Talk Talkthe party´s over remastert936:19
T.P.H. PRODUCTIONSThe Party's Here With Elvis2255:10
The Red CrayolaThe parable of arable land1341:3
TuscaderoThe Pink Album (Teenbeat)1243:40
The Evening EpisodeThe Physicist Has Known Sin1044:48
TOFOGThe Photograph Kills (Single)311:57
The PhoniesThe Phonies621:46
The PhoidsThe Phoids1340:50
The Phoenix TrapThe Phoenix Trap1352:27
The PhoebesThe Phoebes613:28
ThesetThe Philosphy of Time Travel1242:43
Teddy PendergrassThe Philly Years (Disc 2)161:15:34
Teddy PendergrassThe Philly Years (Disc 1)161:12:51
The PlattersThe Pick Of The Platters1028:33
The PietastersThe Pietasters 1992-1996 [Disc One]231:15:26
The PineThe Pine - Homeless Life49:49
The Pin GroupThe Pin Group1245:54
the piltonesthe piltones938:59
The PillbugsThe Pillbugs1345:22
The CrucifiedThe Pillars Of Humanity1036:21
themassesThe Pile327:31
The Pigeon Detectivesthe pigeon detectives622:55
The PietastersThe Pietasters 1992-1996 [Disc Two]221:17:52
The PietastersThe Pietasters 1992-1996 [Disc Three]211:13:3
The Phil Collins 3The Phil Collins 31114:32
The PhenomsThe Phenoms1234:14
The Chemical FormulaThe Phat of the Big Beat Disc 2122:35
The PersuasionsThe Persuasions Sing the Beatles1449:27
The Perfect GentlemenThe Perfect Gentlemen1338:9
The Anti-Nowhere LeagueThe Perfect Crime1043:37
The BeatlesThe Perfect Collection - Vol. 8 (1967)1546:52
The Iron KnightsThe Perennial Quest151:19:15
The Dismemberment PlanThe People's History of The Dismemberment Plan Disc 2151:9:1
The Engine HeartsThe People You Like The Most1237:42
The HousemartinsThe People Who Grinned Themselves To Death1238:7
TycoticThe People vs Tycotic1444:48
The Irving KlawsThe Pervasonic Sounds of The Irving Klaws1541:14
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (CD1)281:13:21
The BeatlesThe Peter Sellers Tape1343:55
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions Sampler (radio promo)241:12:20
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions Sampler (Promo)241:12:30
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (Disc 4)1336:27
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (Disc 3)291:13:48
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (Disc 2)191:12:49
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (Disc 1)281:13:21
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (CD3)301:13:52
The Beach BoysThe Pet Sounds Sessions (CD2)191:12:50
The MusicThe people28:58
The New Face Of ApollyonThe New Face Of Apollyon151:13:56
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 16 - More Live Rarities281:17:5
The Jazz JuneThe Medecine1156:18
The Meathooks of FreedomThe Meathooks of Freedom75:3
TankardThe meaning of life / Alien161:10:24
The MeaniesThe Meanie of Life2551:34
The McgannsThe Mcganns1145:35
The McFlysThe McFlys1734:7
The Great SlideThe Maynard EP421
The Mayflies USAThe Mayflies USA516:35
The MaybellinesThe Maybellines815
The MedicationsThe Medications735:22
The MediumsThe Mediums1342:3
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 15 - More Live Rarities261:18:24
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 14 - Unreleased Tracks 2231:16:53
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 13 - Unreleased Tracks 1301:15:6
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 12 - Miscellaneous, Live, Joe Fra...201:18:43
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 11 - Alternate Version 4 - 'Date'...211:19:59
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set Disc 10 - Alternate Versions 3 - Blow ...221:17:1
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set - Green Thoughts Live Compilation251:13:52
The SmithereensThe Mega-Box Set - Especially For You Live Compilation251:18:34
TadpoleThe Medusa1245
The MaybeesThe Maybees1445:48
The GatheringThe May Song MAXI418:42
The Monney SuzukiThe Maximum Black EP1128:45
The ExploitedThe Massacre / Troops Of Tomorrow251:19:19
The MassacousticsThe Massacoustics932:37
The MassacousticsThe Massacoustice931:41
The Televangelist and The ArchitectThe Mass Exodus From California1052:58
The MasonsThe Masons1437:7
The Mashed PotatoesThe Mashed Potatoes1439
the mary broadcast bandthe mary broadcast band1454:50
The MarvelettesThe Marvelettes Greatest Hits1231
The MarvelettesThe Marvelettes1233:6
The Master's ApprenticThe Master's Apprentices ( Same + Masterpiece)241:8:10
The PiratesThe Masters (CD 1/2)181:4:21
The Max Weinberg 7The Max Weinberg 71749:21
The matrosskaya TishinaThe matrosskaya Tishina1341:44
The DoorsThe Matrix Tapes - disc Two - March 7th and 10th 1967853:50
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