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Tokyo/Overtonesthe polar e.p.624:54
The EmbassyThe pointer (single)26:26
The PlattersThe Platters - Vol. 11235:32
The PlattersThe Platters - Their Greatest Hits and Finest Performan...2053:29
The PlattersThe Platters - Golden Age1437:11
The BeatlesThe Plain Album1433
TouristThe Places We All Go635:48
The Pitz 2001The Pitz 2001141:3616
The Pirate Ship QuintetThe Pirate Ship Quintet EP330:48
The Piranhasthe Piranhas937:47
the Pink FloydThe Piper At The Gates of Dawn (mono)211:15:50
The Pip PopsTHE PIP POPS1246:56
The PintsThe Pints412:55
The AcornThe Pink Ghosts1037:2
The MonkeesThe Platinum Collection Volume 22052:19
The Platters & The DriftersThe Platters & The Drifters Collection1234:25
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 9)281:13:51
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 8)301:11:28
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 7)311:17:2
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 6)281:9:2
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 5)281:8:49
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 4)271:14:17
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 3)261:9:17
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 2)271:11:24
The PlattersThe Platters (CD 1)291:14:37
The Pink Floyd ProjektThe Pink Floyd Projekt436:35
The Pretty WeaponsThe Pretty Weapons1058:35
the present from the past cd 4the present from the past cd 4151:3603
the present from the past cd 3the present from the past cd 3151:5:3
the present from the past cd 2the present from the past cd 2171:13:10
the present from the padt cd 5the present from the padt cd 5191:14:36
The PeopleThe Premise is Sound1259:1
TimoriaThe precious time420:47
The Legendary Pink DotsThe Pre-Millennial Single433:28
The PranxThe Pranx825:23
TrigonThe PPProbe After533:53
The Presidents of the United States...The Presidents of the United States of America1336:18
The Presidents of the United States...The Presidents Of The United States Of America (bonus c...514:43
The Pretty ThingsThe Pretty Things [Bonus] [Enhanced]1954:17
The Pretty GirlsThe Pretty Girls1238:33
The SetupThe Pretense Of Normality1133:6
The PretendersThe Pretenders (Remastered + Expanded) - Disc 2 of 21657:7
the pressent from the pastthe pressent from the past161:5:47
The Duke of BurlingtonThe Pressed Piano1239:4
The PresidentsOfTheUnitedStatesOfAm...The PresidentsOfTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica151:9:51
The Presidents Of The USAThe Presidents Of The USA1338:3
The Presidents of the United States...The Presidents of the United States of America II2058:10
The Power StationThe Power Station834:15
The Power of SoulThe Power of Soul2059:59
TisarisThe Power of Myth1145:20
The Popgun SevenThe Popgun Seven1144:5
Tom JonesThe Pop...2156:29
The SweatersThe Pop Thing1331:13
The Pop GunThe Pop Gun1249:53
The GuttersnipesThe Poor Dress Up1351:26
The PoorThe Poor1331:18
The PonderingThe Pondering840:44
The PolytonesThe Polytones519:29
The Poppin' WheeliesThe Poppin' Wheelies1136:17
The Poppy FamilyThe Poppy Family's Greatest Hits (Featuring Susan Jacks...1439:32
The VibratorsThe Power Of Money1238:50
TPOCThe Power Of Cheese (Disc One)171:4:48
Tairrie BThe Power Of A Woman1150:4
The Go! Teamthe Power is on39:13
The Power CordsThe Power Cords EP514:53
The PheramonesThe Potato Skinz / Twinkies For the Fat Kids2651:37
The PostmarksThe Postmarks1140:35
The PositionsThe Positions412:15
The Portugal JapanThe Portugal Japan1337:48
The creature comfortsThe Politics of Pop1036:55
The Sensational Alex Harvey BandThe Penthouse Tapes1248:31
The Feedom CircleThe Pawn Shop1149:14
TrustyThe Paul Years (1989 - 1991) A Trusty Retrospective231:10:19
The BankrobbersThe Pattern Reversed1031:38
The Patrick Godbey BandThe Patrick Godbey Band (v2)1257:9
The Patrick Godbey BandThe Patrick Godbey Band1256:47
The LibrariansThe Pathetic Asthetic1230:31
The Path of GenesisThe Path of Genesis847:39
Tony Joe WhiteThe Path Of A Decent Groove1357:37
The Pat McGuire Band/Big Brown SofaThe Pat McGuire Band/Big Brown Sofa1251:24
The Peace TrustThe Peace Trust520:7
The GeezersThe Peel Session 27th August 20042255:4
The PeenbeetsThe Peenbeets Get Beet Up!2838:5
TangerineThe Peeling Of Tangerine530:40
The DamnedThe Peel Sesson410:46
The FallThe Peel Sessions [27 Nov 78]413:5
The UndertonesThe Peel Sessions [21 Jan 1979]48:52
That Petrol EmotionThe Peel Sessions [11 June 1985]413:28
The Birthday PartyThe Peel Sessions vers. SFPSCD020412:18
Tim BuckleyThe Peel Sessions 1968523:33
The Wedding PresentThe Peel Sessions - The Wedding Present412:30
The Rask BandThe Pat in the Hat1247:43
The PastiesThe Pasties1259:9
The RitualsThe Past Twelve Months1334:37
TOPRADIOThe Party Station 11 [Mostiko]221:19:5
The Rolling StonesThe party down under1147:8
The Party BoysThe Party Boys1247:55
The ParkinSONsThe ParkinSONs991:13:58
the Bomb SquadThe Paradise - Boston MA 1/31/04 (disc 2)739:10
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