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IntroduscoSurfing Gabana1540:12
Improve Your FrenchTeach Yourself: Improve Your French (Disc 2)51:7:59
Idle Cure - HeartThe Best of - Brigade151:7:24
Italo DanceThe Best Of Italo Dance Vol. II151:14:13
IVOThe Best Of Ivo Live 2000151:11:43
Ismael MirandaThe Best of Orchestra Harlow & Ismael Miranda947:39
Iron MaidenThe Best Of The Beast151:13:10
Iron MaidenThe Best of The Beast (disc 2)131:3:37
Iron MaidenThe Best Of The Beast (Vol.2)111:7:47
Iron MaidenThe best of the beast v. 2 (650MB CDR)131:12:52
Idle RaceThe Best Of The Idle Race Featuring Jeff Lynne251:10:51
Ivy League - TheThe Best Of The Ivy League1435:59
INXSThe best of!201:14:44
IRON BUTTERFLYThe Best Of Iron Butterfly Light And Heavy211:15:2
IRON BUTTERFLYThe Best of Iron Butterfly - Light and Heavy211:15:4
INXSThe Best of INXS211:18:34
Iron Maidenthe best of 11157:47
Inga RumpfThe Best Of All My Years ... So Far171:16:28
Inga RumpfThe Best Of All My Years So Far ... (1966-96) - Disc 1181:18:26
Italo Disco PlanetThe Best Of Disco Music141:12:51
Ian DuryThe Best Of Ian Dury211:18:29
Ian HunterThe Best of Ian Hunter1043:9
Ice MCThe Best Of Ice MC141:4:51
Iggy PopThe Best Of Iggy Pop1143:28
IncubusThe Best Of Incubus181:17:35
IndianaThe Best Of Indiana Lieda1142:8
IrisThe best of... Iris151:8:11
ImaginationThe Bigar Collection131:13
Ian DuryThe Bus Driver's Prayer And Other Stories (Disc 2)836:38
Ian DuryThe Bus Drivers Prayer & Other Stories1446:23
It Dies TodayThe Caitiff Choir [Limited Edition]181:13:20
indraTHE CALL OF SHIVA VOL 251:2:50
InferiThe Call Of The Dark Side944:21
Irritating RainbowThe Car Album1022:15
IllusionsThe Carrier1341:48
IshmaelThe Charge of the Light Brigade1038:38
Imatran VoimaThe Church of the Latterday Maggots952:3
Iron MaidenThe Clairvoyant317:47
Ian DuryThe Bus Driver's Prayer And Other Stories (Disc 1)1447:8
IdaThe Braille Night1047:30
Individual IndustryThe Box [disc 1]131:2:2
Infinity (NL)The Birth of Death850:27
Iced EarthThe Blessed and the Damned - Book Two - The Damned121:1:28
Iced EarthThe Blessed and the Damned: Book One111:2:47
INFAMYthe Blood Shall Flow151:2:36
Insert Piz Here->The Bloody One (disc 1)3049:2
Insert Piz Here->The Bloody One (disc 2)3053
Irathe body and the soil955:44
IcemintThe Body!1438:34
InternecineThe Book Of Lambs933:51
Individual IndustryThe Box (disc 2)131:6:58
Iron MaidenThe Clairvoyant/Infinite Dreams744:49
Italo DiscoThe Best Of (Vol.9)161:9:10
Icy DemonTears of a Clone1038:20
ImpiousTerror Succeeds1044:1
Infernal WarTerrorfront1032:30
Iron MaidenTEST/cd1cdex1452:4
Immortal LowlifeTha Darker Things In Life: Part 2191:13:51
It BitesThank You and Goodnight51:7:31
It BitesThankyou And Goodnight(Live)101:7:30
Il Padrinos feat. Jocelyn BrownThat's How Good Your Love Is [CD Single]319:56
Ice-TThat's How I'm Livin422:41
Ice tThat's how I'm livin'421:3
I GigantiTerra In Bocca (Poesia Di Un Delitto) (diff mix)244:11
I GigantiTerra In Bocca246:43
IBASTerminal Coldness (Digi)519:20
Indecent ObsessionTell Me Something (The Global Mixes)633:40
ImmemorialTemple of Retribution1539:10
indraTemptation (CD Single)315:18
IgmoTen Day Potato1240:44
InfernalTen Miles632:53
Ian DuryTen More Turnips From The Tip1048:59
IdaTen Small Paces1543:19
Incredible CasualsThat's That (reissued)1550:43
Iggy PopThe A&M Recordings - Instinct141:5:13
IsrathoumThe Art Of Malice Promo722:50
InterfaceThe Artemis Complex131:3658
IC 434The Banished1046:6
Idahothe Bayonet ep416:16
Inspiral CarpetsThe Beast Inside1056:19
Iron MaidenThe Beast On The Road (Bootleg)111:2
Ian Cameron SmithThe Beautiful Music of Ian Cameron Smith530:34
IcehouseThe Berlin Tapes171:15:55
IcehouseThe Berlin Tapes (Remastered)181:19:24
Ich TrojeThe Best 2 In 1211:18:25
Into the nightThe Art of Honesty523:49
IQThe Archive Collection (2)553:11
IQThe Archive Collection (1)71:7:50
Illusion SuiteThe Adventures Of Arcan533:47
Insane Clown PosseThe Amazing Jeckel Brothers171:9:40
Insane Clown PosseThe Amazing Jekel Brothers171:11:38
ImperiaThe Ancient Dance Of Qetesh1351:6
Iron MaidenThe Angel & The Gambler318:56
Iron MaidenThe Angel & The Gambler (CD Single)428:3
Iron MaidenThe Angel And The Gambler (CD Single)321:53
Iron MaidenThe Angel and the Gambler (set 1)328:8
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