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He Who CorruptsTen Steps To Success1014:17
His Name Is AliveTen Years Long Time1357:35
Helena VondrackovaTen, koho rada mam261:12:5
HOUND DOGTender Night...and seated141:14:1
HeadswimTense Moments844:25
HeadswimTense Nervous Head421:10
Here Come the MummiesTerrifying Funk From Beyond The Grave131:1:51
Holy TerrorTerror And Submission943:2
Härter bis WolkigTerroristen1758:51
hey leroyth things you rememver most aren't things730:48
HARDCORE SUPERSTARThank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)1350:50
How to Build a RocketshipThank You Easter Bunny1145:29
Hangnailten days before summer91:6:8
Heaven's RageTemporary1653:50
Het Goede DoelTempo Doeloe943:5
Honey For PetziTéléski943:9
Heiða & HeiðingjarnirTíu fingur upp til Guðs1145:32
HeldgardTöte sie alle (Demo)829:22
Henry PurcellTe Deum & Jubilate Deo443:52
Hacksaw To The ThroatTear My Eyes Out934:36
Henry RollinsTearing (Single)29:12
huHTechno Issue101:3648
Heaven 17Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho151:3:41
Hitchers, TheTees Valley Deadbeats1455:8
HeadstonesTeeth & Tissue1450:4
Hamoniume FakatoukateaTefua 'a Vakalautala1252:33
Hurrah!Tell God I'm Here1041:5
HavenTell Me Promo516:37
Human NatureTelling Everybody1458:6
Human NatureTelling Everybody - Disc 2525:23
Heiko Laux DJ Mixtemp.space211:9:31
HARLAN CAGETemple of Tears1150:17
Holywood Beach BrianThanks For Sticking Around610:47
HurricaneTake What You Want (EP)625:41
Harbour KingsSummercolts831:10
HOTEISupersonic Generation (EU Edition)1151:56
Hudba z MarsuSupervylet1554:29
Harum-ScarumSuppose We Try (Hex records 001 2001)726:56
Hell Preachers Inc.Supreme Psychedelic Underground1030:34
Heaven's Shoresure of heaven1043:21
HapaSurf Madness1138:9
Hitmen DtkSurfin In Another Direction1655:35
HazalSurgun Askimiz1046:3
High On FireSurrounded By Thieves840:43
Hayward, CharlesSurvive The Gesture1041:1
HeimdallSverige Vakna!1140:23
Hatchet HeadSwallow Your Soul EP1034:29
Henry RollinsSweatbox: Spoken Word 1987 - 198871:19:3
Harry RaySweet Baby +1936:29
hiro:nSWEET DESSERT SOUL141:1:58
Hot And FreshSuperhits CD11557:24
HighlightsSunbury 1973 Disc 1101:3:38
HighlightsSunbury Highlights 1974 Disc 2131:1:21
HipslinkySunday Morning EP520:36
House Africa Records presentsSunday Sessions featuring The Rurals121:14:1
Honk Instrumental ProjectSunrider516:14
Hunky DorySunshine EP414:36
Herman's HermitsSunshine Girl2048:47
HoneyriderSunshine Skyway1225:50
Hurley & ToddSunstorm Single317:39
HI-ENDSuper Dancing Hits Of The Winter211:20:24
Hokus PickSuper Duper1035:7
HINOI teamSuper Euro Party1552:51
Huey Lewis And The NewsSuper Selections1050:25
HillsongSuper Strong God1551:9
Honey ConeSweet Replies - Soulful Tapestry231:17:23
Herosweetness appetizer624:4
Hanne KroghTa meg til havet1351:8
HAyehudimTaane Li17:54
Henri TachanTachan en concert 2000211:10:8
HauptkampflinieTag der Freiheit416:50
Hundert-1Tagebauhasen sind größer413:23
HomousexualTahini Beach Party1627:1
Hannu LehtorantaTaivaallinen Kuu1758:38
Half Past ForeverTake a Chance on Something Beautiful1753:26
Hugh Reed & The Velvet UnderpantsTake a Walk on the Clydeside1346:31
He SaidTake · Care131:6:30
HeadquartersTake it to la playa416:48
HawkwindTake me to your future531:48
Handgun BravadoTake Tomorrow512:17
Hudson TaylorsTake Us To The Crossroads1257:28
Heel Gewoont Is niks dunkt mie923:37
HumbugSwingers Ball EP312:28
Hi-Fi CompanionsSwingers In Paradise111:13:27
Hadden Sayers BandSwingin' From The Fabulous Satellite121:13:15
Howie BSwitch (CD-5)425:50
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