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Rick WakemanThe Word And Music957:8
Rick WakemanThe Word & The Gospels (CD 2)843:19
Rick WakemanThe Word & The Gospels (CD 1)843:26
Relaxation And MeditationThe Wolf - Relaxation and Meditation146:3
RamchargerThe Way to Somewhere Quiet619:33
Rolando BiscuolaThe virgo song of the Earth1545:30
River Ocean feat. IndiaThe Tribal EP: Love & Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun)858:19
RezN8Top Shelf Tunes Vol 1291:14:50
Reader's DigestToday's Favourites, Tomorrow's Evergreens Disk 3191:6:33
Reader's DigestToday's Favourites, Tomorrow's Evergreens Disk 2171:3:3
Reader's DigestToday's Favourites, Tomorrow's Evergreens181:4:35
Raw PowerTo Tough To Burn1640:36
Rejuvenateto the extreme1326:6
Rave BaseTo the beat y` all318:27
Rauli HaverinenTo Make It Rain1322:37
Rapths DhmhtrhsTo fili ths zwhs311:57
RaketenToky, Tokyo EP634:41
Royal HuntTokyo 07-10-97 Disc 2945:16
RezN8Top Shelf Tunes - Vol 1191:15:17
Rockett QueenToo Rock For Radio1137:29
Richard MarxToo Late To Say Goodbye (CD single)419:44
Richard WahnfriedTonwelle41:3:10
RadiqTomorrow's Quest1254:11
RezN8Tom N Bass111:13:37
Radio IodineTiny Warnings1247:46
Rhian Sheehantiny blue biosphere141:3600
Rocker's HiFiTimes Up1046:19
Richard DurrantThunder, Lightning & Rain21:3
RE-O-DOThree, Four Give Me More - DADADA418:11
Rip ChordsThree Window Coupe1633:39
Ron Brooks Triothree B in Flight91:12:21
Razors EdgeThrash March CD1113:4
Resistance 77Thoroughbred Men241:10:40
Real MusicThis Is Real Music 1994 Sampler Take One1153:44
RAWThis Is RaW1348:41
Red BuddhaTibet Trance71:10:17
Raha ShahTibetan Bowls - The Healing Vibrations31:11:57
Rada NealTimeless Third1346:14
ReflectionsTimeless Seasons1254:32
Robert SchroederTime Waves81:3613
Ron ClearfieldTime on Earth1051:45
Richard WahnfriedTime Actor81:5:53
Richard HellTime (CD 1)1752:1
Ruediger DahlkeTiefenentspannung21:3:30
Richard MoffettTibetan Highlands251:20
RazormaidThis Is Only A Test 8.0 Disc 9101:8:29
RadosThe Transparent Man651:38
Roger EnoThe Nightgarden1353:9
Rainer IhraThe keys to your temple221:2:41
RughyThe Joy Hunter852:36
Robert CartyThe Inexplicable51:3634
Rudi DobsonThe House on the Rock310:48
Romantic Impression OrchestraThe Highlands1151:49
Renee BrodieThe Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls1043:25
Ravi ChawlaThe Healing Power of Stretching1156:53
Rudy AdrianThe Healing Lake957:38
RamonesThe latest Show321:4:43
Road To KnowhereThe Lies On Your Lashes725:39
Rick WakemanThe Natural World Trilogy CD191:1:23
Rick ErlienThe Music of Yosemite948:1
Red BeatThe Missing Album1148:19
Ray PriceThe Mill161:14:37
Roger WhittakerThe Magic of Roger Whittaker Disc 11241:23
Roger EnoThe Long Walk (2 of 2)417:28
Roger EnoThe Long Walk (1 of 2)1656:13
Robert CartyThe Living559:21
ReikiThe Healing Birdsong31:8:15
Ross Traut & Steve RodbyThe Great Lawn948:25
R.E.M.The Great Beyond (CD Single)29:42
Ron AllenThe First Flute: Songs of Courtship850:59
Robert FoxThe Fire And The Rose1056:28
RifkinThe Eyes of Your Heart1259:33
Robert Fripp & Brian EnoThe Equatorial Stars638:32
Riuichi Sakamoto & DanceriesThe End Of Asia1135:46
Rhythm QuestThe Dreams EP - Closer To All your Dreams416:29
Ralph LundstenThe Dream Master939:36
Romas WizardThe Double Existance1359:22
Rainstick OrchestraThe Floating Glass Key In The Sky745:31
Ralph LundstenThe Gate Of Time181:8:14
Rick WakemanThe Gospels (Disc 2)843:20
Rick WakemanThe Gospels (Disc 1)843:26
Robert Bearns & Ron DexterThe Golden Voyage Volume 61054:57
Robert Bearns & Ron DexterThe Golden Voyage - Vol. One839:55
RUMIThe Glance1356:1
RamonastoneThe Girl With Many Eyes (single)313:11
Ralf IllenbergerThe GateWay847:48
Robert FrippThe Gates of Paradise459:36
rocket from the tombsthe day the earth met the ...191:14:19
REMOTERThe Thicker Skin730:57
RocketsThe Silver Years. CD5. (Remastered)942:39
RocketsThe Silver Years. CD4. Live (Remastered)1055:36
RocketsThe Silver Years. CD3. Plasteroid (Remastered)941:34
Robert Scott ThompsonThe Silent Shore151:9:44
Remko ArentzThe Seven Chakra System758:40
Ron WagnerThe Sensual Art of Bellydance958:37
Radio BerlinThe Selection Drone1041:22
Rhonda ByrneThe Secret - Disk 4241:4:16
RocketsThe Silver Years. CD6. Pi Greco 3,14 (Remastered)940:17
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